Growing Frontline Nurse Leadership Skills

Leadership skills embedded in frontline nurses lead to better outcomes.


Even prior to COVID-19, experts estimated nurse burnout cost hospitals $9B annually. 


Prior to COVID-19, the average hospital was losing $4.4M-$6.9M per year in hidden turnover costs.


Strong leadership has been proven to reduce adverse events, medication errors, mortality, and improve patient satisfaction.

An Accelerated Approach to Embedding Leadership Concepts into the Frontline


Proprietary, bite-size modules delivered to participants via smartphone or device efficiently instill leadership concepts deep into the frontline.



Ten-minute modules enable frontline nurses to quickly and easily absorb key leadership concepts, while still serving patients at the bedside. 




Whether leveraging existing mentorship programs or LFC's  mentorship guide, we empower participants to apply their learning to their current role and ensuring they are supported with experienced clinicians throughout.


How it Works

Our Success Is Driven by Your Outcomes

Lead for Care explicitly ties program impact to key health system outcomes

  • Led by LFC team with 50+ years of collective health care experience

  • Based on proven analytics processes built over 15 years at 150+ health systems 

  • Deep data analytics to generate C-Suite level, prescriptive insights on outcome data such as:

    • Turnover

    • Patient Satisfaction

    • Patient Safety

    • Promotion Rates

    • Clinical Outcomes

Your Most Important Assets Need New Skills at the Bedside 

Why Lead for Care?

LFC: Frontline Nurse Leadership

  • Pre/Post Assessment

  • Microlearning app accessed via computer, smartphone, or tablet

  • 9 participant modules and 1 mentor-specific module spanning 27 lessons each anchored on a 10 minute microlearning video, paired with peer discussion, reflection activities, mentor connections, and real-time application

  • Mentorship model enables cohort participants to tap into tenured clinician expertise

  • Self-paced learning

  • Real-time application of leadership concepts while at the bedside

  • Generates bench of potential future-ready managers

  • Efficiently instills vital leadership skills into frontline nurses- regardless of their ultimate job path

  • Customized Analytics demonstrating link to program outcomes

LFC: Nurse Resiliency Module

  • Pre/Post Assessment

  • Microlearning app accessed via computer, smartphone, or tablet

  • Four lessons, each anchored on a 10 minute microlearning video, paired with peer discussion, reflection activities, and real-time application

  • Flexible technology platform can integrate access to key health system employee support tools and resources

  • Customized Analytics demonstrating link to program outcomes

At Lead for Care, we know your purpose as a health system is to provide the best care to your patients and to do so while offering the best working environment for your staff.  While there are countless levers that must be pulled to achieve these twin goals, the heart of your success rests on competent and caring nurses at the bedside.  Given how central frontline nurses are to your success, what is central to their success?

Repeated research has shown that the quality of leadership at all levels of the health system is one of the top two drivers of nurse engagement, satisfaction, and turnover.  Yet health systems have historically struggled to build a bench of well-prepared nurse managers, and have struggled to instill leadership skills at the bedside.  The challenge is structural and endemic: it’s impossible to deploy traditional classroom leadership training models for frontline staff in an efficient and effective way.


We built Lead for Care specifically to fix this long-standing challenge.  Our IO-psychologist prepared and clinically vetted curriculum is delivered via brief microlearning modules pushed to participants via our app.  Paired with problem-based and proactive mentoring, we shatter the technology deficit in frontline leadership development, and enable the application of key leadership concepts at the bedside in real-time.


Stop poor management from driving increased frontline nurse burnout, turnover, and negative patient outcomes.  Start proactively introducing proven leadership concepts where it matters most in today’s unprecedented health care environment: the frontline.

91% of employees say that helping them develop a new skill or plot a career path is an important factor in deciding whether to stay at a job.

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