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Two-Part Proactive Nurse Leadership Development Webinar Series

Part 1: COVID Is The Catalyst to Reinvigorate Your Nursing Workforce Strategy

Part 2: Accelerating Bedside Leadership Skills- How to Build a Bench of Nurse Managers in 6 months

For the typical health system, approximately 40% of their workforce are made up of nurses and 30% of that total are early career nurses. Yet health systems have historically struggled to engage, retain, and develop this population in an effective and efficient way. In this two part webinar, learn how COVID is actually the catalyst for re-thinking how we engage and develop this hidden pool of talent, how you can distill key frontline nursing leadership skills into early career nurses, and how this ultimately helps defend against nurse turnover.

October 22, 2020 at 1pmEST

November 5, 2020 at 1pmEST

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View short videos of thought leaders sharing on a range of topics that are top of mind for the healthcare industry. 

Nurse burnout has been a top of mind concern for health systems for some time; COVID is bringing new urgency to the importance of hardwiring nurse resiliency.  Unfortunately, health systems often miss the crucial first step in building a culture that can support resilience.  Learn how top performing health systems are re-thinking their approach to enabling the resilient nurse.

Organizational Development (OD) plays a vital role in health system success; in fact, organizations that invest in OD during times of economic crisis have historically weathered the downturns more successfully.  Unfortunately, health system OD teams struggle to reach a constituency that truly could benefit from leadership development: frontline nurses.  Learn the structural barriers OD has historically faced in reaching frontline nurses, and how best practice organizations are fixing this gap.

Previously Recorded Webinars


The Coming Wave of COVID-Driven Nurse Burnout

As COVID wreaks havoc with health system operations, strategy, and finances, the impact of the virus on frontline nurses is enormous, exacerbating already significant concerns around burnout. While burnout is a complex issue with many contributing factors, research has proven that personal resilience is key to resisting burnout. Perhaps most important: resilience can be trained. Learn how your organization can proactively instill key resilience concepts into the frontline, in real-time. Recording Here; Password: Rv&0XQ95 

Mentoring the Next Generation Nurse Leader

Health Systems often fail to maximize one of the most powerful levers for building a thriving nurse culture: mentorship. In this 30min webinar, Lead for Care will share how best practice health systems are deploying next generation mentorship to instill key leadership concepts into the frontline and build a robust bench of future-ready nurse managers. Recording here , Password: LFCMentor1!

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