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About Us

About Lead for Care

We created Lead for Care after years of observing new nurse managers struggle to meet the extraordinarily complex challenges that face first-time  managers.  As we dug deeper, we realized that the underlying problem was a lack of training  in what we call bedside leadership skills among frontline nurses. Key skills like critical thinking, conflict management, communication, resilience, driving teamwork, tend to take a backseat to required clinical training.  However, research points to these leadership skills as increasingly necessary for nurses to successfully navigate a rapidly changing care environment in order to provide safe, quality, effective, value-based care.


Moreover, the lack of leadership skill training while at the bedside creates a gap as nurses move into management roles from the frontline.  We swiftly realized that there were significant barriers that limited the ability of health systems to infuse these key bedside leadership skills into the frontline.


Our vision, was to introduce a completely different model that would overcome these barriers and accomplish the following:


- efficiently and effectively introduce key bedside leadership concepts to frontline nurses (Microlearning),

- support frontline nurses in applying those concepts to real world work situations (Maintain position at the bedside), and

- tap into the precious wisdom of experienced clinicians to further engrain these concepts (Mentors). 


We aim to establish a foundation of nurse leaders at the frontline that delivers proven value today and provides a deep bench of future-ready nurse leaders to more effectively step into a manager role.


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