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LFC: Bedside Nurse Leadership Development Program

Leadership development of new nurse managers typically occurs after the nurse has moved into the manager role. At Lead for Care, we aim to completely transform this paradigm. Our proprietary, microlearning application efficiently instills key leadership concepts into the frontline - without nurses leaving the floor. We marry our scientifically-validated, ‘bite-size’ modules with either existing mentorship programs or our proven mentorship model, empowering participants to apply module learning to their current role. The impact: a deep bench of clinicians, infused with vital leadership skills that deliver proven value, regardless if the nurse goes on to formal management, or chooses to stay at the patient bedside. At the same time, we enable health systems to cast their net for future-ready nurse managers much wider, and earlier, than ever before.


The Lead for Care Difference

  • Microlearning app accessed via smartphone or tablet

  • Practical, 10 minute modules developed by PhD-prepared IO psychologists with deep healthcare expertise

  • Mentorship model marries cohort participants with tenured clinicians, allowing frontline nurses to tap into the expertise, advice and institutional knowledge of experienced staff

  • Cohort participants learn at their own pace while remaining on the floor, enabling immediate application of leadership concepts

  • Vastly expands bench of potential first-time managers, while efficiently instilling vital leadership skills into frontline nurses- regardless of their ultimate job path

"So never lose an opportunity of urging a practical beginning, however small, for it is wonderful how often in such matters the mustard- seed germinates and roots itself. "

- Florence Nightingale

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